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Your Money Or Your Life: PREVIEW


Check out this preview of the original new documentary Your Money Or Your Life, filmmaker Kevin O’Keefe’s probing look at the Canadian health care system. Coming soon to ichannel.


  1. I would like to comment that, unfortunately it is not only refugees and immigrants that don’t get the health care they need. Many Canadian citizens also fall through the cracks in the health care system in this country. I know this from personal experience. The waiting times in our emergency depts are endless. A friend of mine was waiting to be helped in emergency due to a severe dehydration issue with a bowel problem she has suffered from for many years. She and her husband arrived at 2 P.M. and by 10 P.M. they went home because she couldn’t sit any longer and needed to go to bed. No one had seen her yet, 8 hours later.

  2. I was at the screening last night in Toronto. Powerful testimonies from victims of cold blooded life threatening policies that reject basic attention to human life and dignity in Canada. These facts contradict politicians and health official’s lines on access to health care for the neediest of all. Canada has no lecturing to do to any other country when it comes to human rights.

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