The Canadian Corps

Air dates

Part One: Tuesday Feb. 28 & Thursday March 1 | Part Two: Wednesday Feb. 29 & Friday March 2 | 9 pm ET/PT


A look back at one of the great untold stories of World War One: the decisive role of the legendary Canadian Corps, which spearheaded the Allied offensive during the final 100 days of the war and helped pave the way to victory.


  1. This documentary was absolutely fantastic. Hands-down one of the greatest views of a Canada full of promise for a future that could have been anything.

    Is there a chance that this would ever be on DVD to purchase?

  2. There are a large number of our members in the Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group that would be interested in seeing this complete video. Being able to purchase a copy of the series on DVD would be great. Failing that, can you tell me if there are any plans to air this series again. Thanks, Richard

  3. Hi, we need this video on blue ray, so I can buy it. I missed the TV series.

    Thank you!

  4. What a documentary! It reenforces many of the good books on WW1 that are now coming out, and would be wonderful for showing to our high school students. There’s simply nothing like it. It really needs to be available on DVD

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