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Show Summary

In this landmark series, writer and commentator Eric Margolis journeys to fascinating destinations around the globe for a deeper look into these places and their people. Meeting with their best and brightest, and showcasing the energy and enthusiasm of their cultures, Margolis uses wit and wisdom, passion and panache to convey the unique values and human touchstones of these locales.




EPISODE ONE | Korea: Land Of The Morning Calm?
In this episode,  Eric Margolis traverses 3,000 years of history to learn more about the heart and soul of the Korean people. His journey reveals their hopes for the future, and brings him face to face with their greatest fear: the looming threat posed by North Korea. From the high-tech sophistication of Seoul, he travels to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that divides the Korean Peninsula. There, granted unprecedented access by the UN and the American and South Korean military, he experiences firsthand the surreal borderland separating two nations still at war — a no-man’s land that places into stark perspective the wider struggle between Beijing and Washington.


EPISODE TWO | Turkey: East Meets West
From the cosmopolitan chic of Istanbul to the shimmering waters of the Bosporus, Turkey is asserting itself as a regional powerhouse. Rich in art and culture, and possessed of a vibrant secular democracy, this predominantly Muslim country offers a roadmap for many of struggling Middle Eastern nations. But what is Turkey’s vision of the future — and how will the reverberations of its emergence be felt in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.



EPISODE THREE | Egypt: From King Tut To The Kings Of Rap
In this episode, Eric experiences the hope and chaos of today’s Egypt. His first stop: the heart of the Arab Spring, Cairo’s Tahrir Square, for a firsthand investigation into the growing clamour for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. In a time a great tumult the past can be a valuable guide, so Eric also takes a cruise up the Nile to explore the country’s most treasured sites of antiquity. Finally, he enjoys an encounter with Egyptian hip-hop sensations The Arabian Knightz, who are being heralded as the voice of a new Arab generation.


EPISODE FOUR | Cuba: Vive la Revolution
Cuba lies just 90 miles off the coast of Florida — yet for all practical purposes, it remains a million miles away. In this episode, Eric ventures to Cuba in search of insight into the country’s past, present and future. What will happen after Fidel Castro dies? Will this communist nation finally reintegrate into the West? As he walks the faded streets of old Havana, meeting the country’s people and sampling its joyous art and music, Eric gains fresh perspective on the problem that is Cuba — and the likely solutions.