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Playing the markets has never been riskier or more nerve-wracking. But there are still rich rewards to be had, for the investor who can find the next Apple or Google. Returning to ichannel for a new season, The Next Biggest Winner offers a resource for ordinary Canadians trying to understand the stock market and make savvy investment decisions. We’ll hear from the top brass at emerging public companies jockeying to position themselves as the next big buy, and will put their claims to a hard-headed reality check by independent experts and analysts. With host George Tsiolis.


  1. I got a news flash from pacific potash on feb. 13th about a show you are featuring on feb. 8th& 9th whats up with the screwed up dates?

  2. TNR has a lot of positive testing but when will they actually start pulling Gold and Copper out of the ground and processing it and getting the positvie returns to the shareholders.

  3. Hi
    Would it be possible to invite the president of Ressource Appalache gold mine? See email adress below, thanks

  4. how did you folk pick Pacjfjc Potash as a big winner on an episode? These guys are a big loser,going out of biz.seems like this show is their last resort to scam money before folding much like Donner Metals which you pumped up.

  5. I will be on the show April 17th with George but I was totally eclipsed by the pot company. You must see this episode!

  6. when co. appears on this show they will be delisted with-in 1 yr.Try looking for doner metals on exchange.pacific potash will be soon

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