Louis Theroux

Show Summary

Intrepid British journalist Louis Theroux goes where angels fear to tread – from the crime-ridden streets of Johannesburg to a California facility for dangerous pedophiles – in this acclaimed series of hard-hitting documentary specials.

Most Recent Episodes

“A Place For Pedophiles”
Tuesday Feb. 21, 10 pm ET/PT

Coalinga Mental Hospital in California houses more than 500 convicted paedophiles. Most have already served lengthy prison sentences, but have been deemed unsafe for release. Their choice: remain institutionalized indefinitely, or submit to the hospital’s rigorous program of rehabilitation and therapy. Louis Theroux visits Coalinga to meet with patients and therapists, and to consider whether these men – many with long histories of sexual violence – can be sufficiently changed to live freely in society.

“African Hunting Holiday”
Friday March 2, 10 pm ET/PT

Hunting in South Africa is a blossoming tourist industry, with the cost of a trophy ranging from $250 for a baboon to as much as $70,000 for a rhino. Louis Theroux travels to Limpopo Province to enter an elite world of hunters who pay top dollar for the chance to shoot Africa’s big game.

“The City Addicted to Crystal Meth”
Tuesday March 6 & Friday March 9, 10 pm ET/PT

The impoverished rural towns of California’s Central Valley have some of the worst rates of crystal meth addiction in the United States. In this documentary, Louis Theroux travels to Fresno, a city ravaged by the cheap and highly addictive drug. There, he meets men and women hopelessly mired in the madness of long-term addiction, police officers fighting a losing battle to keep a lid on the problem, and a group of ex-addicts running a rehab centre that aims to repair the damage crystal meth has done to their community.