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First Nations Business - Part 1

First Nations Business - Part 1

First Nations communities are often portrayed as places of unemployment, poverty and despair. But as @issue host Karyn Pugliese discovers, many have defied the odds, developing thriving economies.

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  1. I would like you to do a story on me and the freeman on the land movement, which there are hundreds of thousands of members and even more that are not but claim common law jurisdiction.
    when a officer takes his or her oath it is as a peace officer, but as soon as they start work they are told to act as law enforcement which violates thier oath and violated everyone at common law jurisdiction.but most people don`t know they have these rights and do not defend them or claim them.little do they know that as long as you have not harmed anyone or property or commit fraud in contract or breach the peace you may refuse to be stopped by the police or even be questioned by them.
    At this time I have six pending charges against the R.C.M.P. in Nelson B.C. and there will be more to come, but as i can not find a lawyer or anyone else to help me i have to do this on my own.and i will.i will take this to the supreme court of canada if that where it goes.i am hoping you will be interested in this story as you would have it almost from the very begining and would be able to follow it take the outcome, which i know a lot of people would be interested in a story like this.
    all the best and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Some environmentalists are promoting nuclear power as green energy. We may have to resort to that simply because the demons who run the corporations have stalled all the other alternatives. It has a major problem. As a nuclear plant ages, it becomes less profitable. It becomes harder and harder to find the funds to maintain the plant properly to keep it safe. Similarly, nuclear waste must be managed for thousands of years. During that time it generates no income to pay for the upkeep. Corporations, being the profit seeking automatons they are, just abandon messes when they cease to be profitable. Because of this corporate irresponsibility, nuclear power appears to be much less expensive than it really is when you factor in the cost of eternal mothballing.

  3. Iwas very interested in the program i watched on i channel on sat.night from 9to10fromharvard university of a lecture from a professer on the law regarding contracts and why a lot of them are not legal.i did not get the name of the professerbut would appreciate same so i couldcontact him also if i could get a papercopy

  4. I have mixed comments about your show. It’s usually 4 years out of date with the interesting guests, Otherwise, the rest say either “like” or “you know” about every 10 seconds. I can stand it for about a minute if they are interesting.

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