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ichannel is your destination for award-winning Canadian and international documentaries. Explore the frontiers of science and the outer limits of love and sexuality. Journey from the criminal underworld to the pinnacle of political power. Come face to face with the famous – and the infamous.


Wednesday June 25 - Against All Odds  |  Thursday June 26 - Unleashed  |  Friday June 27 -The Antarctic Challenge: A Global Warning

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Weeknights on ichannel

Weeknights on ichannel

ichannel is your destination for award-winning documentaries from Canada and around the world. Tune in weeknights at 9pm and Midnight Eastern.

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  1. When will Part 2 od “Water’s Journey – Everglades” be aired? I enjoyed Part 1, but can’t find a listing for Part 2!

  2. I would like for you to sight your information about cannabis killing 1 person per year in the UK? on the look at the 20 top most dangerous drugs

  3. I recently watched Cambodia the Virginity Trade. How can I purchase this documentary?

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