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When a killer strikes, the road to arrest and conviction can be long and arduous. This compelling Canadian documentary series takes the viewer inside the quest to solve some of the most shocking crimes of modern times. Join dedicated criminal investigators in the pursuit of justice, as they sift evidence and scrutinize the testimony of suspects and eyewitnesses in search of the vital clue that will crack the case. First-hand recollections, dramatic re-enactments and archival images bring the harsh reality of crime and punishment into sharper focus than ever before.

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Monday - Wednesday 9:00

Monday - Wednesday 9:00

Shedding light on crimes that shocked the world- Great Crimes and Trials reconstructs each story, analyzing the individuals and the motives, explaining how the crime was committed and showing breakthroughs in investigations. Relive the trials all the way to the final verdict.

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  1. would like to find ID channel investigative report my brother the serial killer.

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