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What do we know of cosmos, consciousness and God? Dr. Robert Kuhn brings together the world’s leading philosophers, theologians and others to explore our understanding of the meaning and purpose of the universe. VISIT THE WEBSITE

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Life, the universe, and everything: join Dr. Robert Kuhn on an eye-opening voyage into the mysteries of creation.

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  1. I have Solved the Question of whether God exists, he does and i have modern day proof. See my live channel at JTV or and contact me for more information.

  2. I’M NOT SURE WHAT IT ALL MEANS… but when my autistic son, in my moment of great exasperation said to me matter-of-factly at age 6 when I mentioned I did not choose these circumstances… he calmly said to me “I chose you” and when I said from where, he said “from Heaven”, again when I said from where… he said “somewhere up there”; he said “you did not choose me, I chose you”. I was dumb-founded at his statements; he was only 6 (autistic with PDD, Asperger symdrome, and developmental delay). Now, it’s been many years and many other similar instances…that completely and utterly had me questioning the existence and viability of many realities… but you know… in the end…I finally did get it! I hope some of you do too.

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