Friends For Life

June 26th, 2012


Posted by Brian Hamilton

What was the hottest drink on the menu at Saturday’s Friends for Life gala, you ask? A martini … shaken, not stirred (of course). Had I known beforehand that the FFL gathering had a James Bond theme this year, I would have chosen to wear the finest tuxedo from my extensive collection. But alas, a shirt and tie would have to do.

If there was one thing this benefit did not lack, was style, and lots of it. The room was crammed with beautiful people, all dressed to impress. It’s not hard to convince people to pose for a photo when everyone looks that good.

Partying is always fun, but partying for a great cause is better. The Friends for Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the fight against cystic fibrosis and childhood cancer. There were some powerful and touching speeches, and it was gratifying to know that, through this annual event, FFL raises money that helps to fund research and make the lives of those living with CF and cancer more comfortable.

Next year, I’ll be sure to check on the theme of this party ahead of time, so I can keep pace with this all too stylish crowd. I may still order the martini, though. Does shaken really taste different from stirred?

Check out the iNEWS video clips from the gala below and on our YouTube channel.






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